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University of Greenwich (UoG) Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG)

Organisation type: University
Greenwich, United Kingdom

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Who they are

The Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) is the largest academic fire and evacuation modelling group in Europe. The team have considerable experience in the development of evacuation modelling and fire modelling software and their use in a variety of practical engineering applications in the aviation, building, marine and rail industries and urban environments. Their software EXODUS is used to enhance simulation environments to represent evacuation during natural disasters at an urban scale. The FSEG is part of the Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities, Department of Mathematics in the University of Greenwich (UoG).  There are 28,000 students and 2000 staff offering approximately 1000 different courses.


How they are organised

The FSEG was founded by Professor Ed Galea in 1986 and consists of 21 researchers involved in the development of evacuation and fire modelling software tools and their application to practical problems.


Their expertise

FSEG-UoG are international experts in the field of evacuation simulation and developers of the urbanEXODUS and webEXODUS software. The EXODUS suite of evacuation simulation software is licensed to organisations in over 35 countries. Since 2000 FSEG has produced over 250 publications in academic journals and refereed conference proceedings on fire/evacuation modelling applications and technology and mentoring over 27 PhD graduates. They are members of international and national committees on Fire Safety Engineering and standards winning international awards for their research impact. FSEG have been involved in 16 EU funded research projects, standardisation activities and are members of national and international committees associated with BSI (UK), IMO (international), ISO (international) and SFPE (USA). They have won many awards including the 2013 Royal Institution of Naval Architects Medal of Distinction and 2014 The Guardian University Award for Research impact.


Role in the project

FSEG-UoG are developers of the urbanEXODUS and webEXODUS software and will transfer their expertise to ensure the evacuation simulation environment is enhanced so that end users can easily interact with the experience. They will ensure that complex simulation results generated by urbanEXODUS is easily displayed in the IN-PREP Common Operational Picture. FSEG UoG are involved in 8 work packages with significant contributions in the technical and training work packages.

As recognised international experts in the field of evacuation simulation, they are responsible for the evacuation simulation environment during the IN-PREP training exercises and demonstrations to ensure the IN-PREP objectives are met.


Read our blog on urbanEXODUS and large scale evacuation by senior research fellow of FSEG Mr Lazaros Filippidis.

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