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Health Service Executive (HSE)

Organisation type: Public Health Agency
Kildare, Ireland

HSE Logo

Who they are

The Health Service Executive(HSE) is the organisation that manages the delivery of all public health services in the Republic of Ireland.


How they are organised

The HSE has four Regional Health Forums, which includes representatives from the city and county councils within that area. A dedicated Emergency Management (EM) structure is provided for within the HSE organisation. The HSE National Emergency Management function works at both national and regional level.


Their expertise

The HSE National Emergency Management function works at a National and Regional level with all HSE services and on an inter-agency basis to ensure that appropriate Emergency plans are developed, updated and tested as required.


Role in the project

They participate in 4 work packages beginning with end-user recruitment, the collection of end-user data and editing of the IN-PREP Crisis Management Handbook. Furthermore, they will support the Police Service of Northern Ireland in the IN-PREP terrorist attack demonstration while contributing to the adaptation of their C2 security system.

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