The IN-PREP Handbook on Cross-Organisational Preparedness and Response Planning

A core component of the IN-PREP Project is the IN-PREP Cross-Organisational Handbook of Preparedness and Response Planning developed by our partners in Fraunhofer INT.

The purpose of the IN-PREP Handbook is to bring together practices in civil protection-related cross-organisational collaboration. The Handbook provides examples from across Europe which can help those involved in crisis management and disaster response to plan for the future.

The Handbook addresses different audiences, namely decision or policymakers, response actors and citizens. It is based on two end-user workshops, 20 expert interviews and several iterations of disseminating and revising the current version together with the workshop participants, project end-users and interview partners, e.g. representatives from the UK JESIP framework, Dutch Safety Regions as well as several representatives of Police and Fire services in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, and Portugal working on interoperability aspects. In addition, the Handbook is based on the lessons learned during the IN-PREP exercises. 

The IN-PREP Handbook has gone live and can be found here.