Crossing New Frontiers in
Disaster Preparedness

During emergencies, there is no time to waste – Civil protection agencies need an accurate, real time picture of the situation on the ground as well as the big picture. IN-PREP is creating a training platform to enable responders to share their viewpoints with each other while staying connected to the control room so the big picture is always in view and immediate actions can be directed in the most effective way possible.

What is In-Prep?

IN-PREP aims to improve collaborative response planning. Our project addresses the lack of training capabilities and insufficient links in transboundary crises management.


The IN-PREP system is a collaborative training platform made up of three elements

  1. A novel IT training platform called the Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform MRPP
  2. Training modules that test coordination between agencies and their plans
  3. A Crisis Management handbook which is cross organisational

Who is it for?

It’s for crisis practitioners and first responders from different agencies to train and plan collaboratively for future crisis events by

  • Sharing response planning across borders and agencies securely
  • Communicating relevant information in real time
  • Coordinating critical resources

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The training programme is built to enable transboundary collaboration among a wide variety of civil protection agencies. It focuses on ensuring that everyone in the chain of command has a clear common operational picture during a crisis. For example, the crew in the control room or headquarters need to have situational awareness of precisely what is taking place in and near the field. If they understand without ambiguity what is happening at each level of the chain, they can deploy responders on the ground to handle the crisis effectively. The training process would be applied across agencies and countries so that collaboration efforts transfer into optimal preparedness for crisis.

Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform


IN-PREP Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform is a user-friendly IT training platform for collaborative response planning. Our platform enables interagency training for the entire chain of command.  In a training session, a simulated crisis is created and merged into the real world.


The MRPP provides an interactive visualisation of the crisis environment combining both simulated and real data. Features include:

  • Decision support capabilities with built-in situational awareness
  • Resource allocation in real time
  • Rapid remote sensing for quicker response actions
  • Large scale evacuation simulation
  • Coordinated C2/C3 systems
  • Vulnerability and Risk assessment


Watch how to build a scenario on the MRPP


The Technology Watch facilitates and realises innovation take up throughout the project. As part of its innovation management,  IN-PREP needs to stay in touch with technology trends.  There will be a Technology Watch with the aim of financing micro-projects that focus on novel sensors, sensor networks or acquisition of satellite data. The micro-projects provide an opportunity for nascent technologies to be incorporated within the Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform

Literature Reviews and Interviews

To support the development of the MRPP in a way that realistically allows the system’s implementation and use, two literature reviews were conducted to understand the state of play in current crisis management. These were further validated by interviews with crisis practitioners. The first review was and it’s the analysis of success and failure factors in responding to transboundary crisis situations. Five tasks that are shared among all crisis management organisations such as firefighters, rescue services or the police were identified.

They encompass

• Situation Assessment
• Decision Making
• Command & Control
• Provision of Basic Infrastructure Services & Logistics
• Communication with the Public

Read the review D2.1 or the blog

The second literature review built on the first. It revealed real needs in the organisational, policy and social sides of crisis management. Desktop research and interviews identified recommendations for system development based on organisational, policy, social, and human factors.

Read the review

Recommendations have been reflected upon and funnelled into the Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform.


Handbook of Crisis Management

The Crisis Management Handbook comes from research, workshops and interviews with crisis practitioners. The handbook is intended to be useful to civil protection agencies so that effective transboundary preparedness and response can be improved. The content of the IN-PREP Handbook begins with an overview of the current crisis management system in the EU – ‘what works, what doesn’t and why‘. Practical advice about different components of the Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform are explained with guidance on how to use the platform. Recommendations on contextual factors that affect successful implementation are included too. These would be factors such as organisational culture, policy, social and human factors, legal issues, data privacy and ethics. The handbook will be available online and translated into 6 different languages.






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