PSCE Workshop: Beyond the Technical

On 4 June 2019, IN-PREP in cooperation with the Horizon 2020 project HEIMDALL will organise a workshop entitled ‘Beyond the technical: legal, political, social and ethical considerations of transboundary cooperation‘, taking place during the PSCE Conference in Lancaster, UK. Registration for this workshop is now open here.

You are invited to take part in this special workshop to explore the broader dynamics of successful support technologies for crisis management. The workshop will bring together practitioners and experts from across disaster management domains, industry, government and academia, to share their experiences and insights of disaster planning, response and recovery.

Imagine you had the perfect technical tool for planning, training and responding to transboundary crises and disasters – what else would you need to make the technology effective? What kinds of support would you need in terms of ethical guidance, policy recommendations, regulatory frameworks and organisational standards?

This workshop will tackle issues that go beyond the technical, and provide a forum for broader discussions about policy gaps, legal, societal, cultural and ethical challenges.

Registration is now open for this workshop, visit here to register:

During registration, we invite participants to share a short description of a transboundary crisis experience, challenge, or concern to illustrate what kind of policy and inter-organisational issues need to be addressed in a multi-agency training and response environment.

Topics and experiences of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing organisational responsibilities and procedures for transboundary collaboration
  • Challenges and solutions for transboundary data management
  • Legal and policy issues encountered when working across boundaries
  • Strategies for effective response planning for transboundary collaboration
  • Obstacles when using communication infrastructures and technologies in transboundary situations
  • Success and struggles in cross-agency training
  • Ethical, societal, and cultural issues encountered in transboundary planning and response
  • Implementation of public warning and alerting systems in transboundary situations
  • Security concerns when working on transboundary ICT for public safety

For queries about this event, please email: or

Download the invitation here and the agenda here.