PSCE Workshop: Beyond the Technical

On 4 June 2019, IN-PREP in cooperation with the Horizon 2020 project HEIMDALL organised a workshop entitled ‘Beyond the technical: legal, political, social and ethical considerations of transboundary cooperation‘, taking place during the PSCE Conference in Lancaster, UK.

This workshop tackled issues  beyond the technical, and provided a forum for broader discussions about policy gaps, legal, societal, cultural and ethical challenges.

Topics and experiences of discussed included:

  • Managing organisational responsibilities and procedures for transboundary collaboration
  • Challenges and solutions for transboundary data management
  • Legal and policy issues encountered when working across boundaries
  • Strategies for effective response planning for transboundary collaboration
  • Obstacles when using communication infrastructures and technologies in transboundary situations
  • Success and struggles in cross-agency training
  • Ethical, societal, and cultural issues encountered in transboundary planning and response
  • Implementation of public warning and alerting systems in transboundary situations
  • Security concerns when working on transboundary ICT for public safety