In-Prep TTX (Table Top Exercise)
IN-PREP is holding our 1st TTX (Table Top Exercise) Nov 29th in Spoleto, Italy.

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What is the IN-PREP TTX?

On November 29th the IN-PREP partners will be holding the project’s 1st TTX in Spoleto, Italy to test and demonstrate the IN-PREP system. Exercises like these are designed to train end-users of the IN-PREP system for the three large demonstrations, which encompass the preparedness, alert, and planning phases of disaster management and response. The TTX allows the IN-PREP project partners to respond to the practical needs of end-users through demonstration, feedback and discussion. A realistic crisis scenario is realized with the IN-PREP system used to animate the scenario building process, facilitate interactive mixed-reality training of the diverse practitioners at all levels of command to ultimately upgrade response planning. The conclusion of the training session will then allow for validation, measuring of results and other key metrics central to end-user’s preparedness procedures. One of the most important parts of the TTX is offering end-users the opportunity to see first-hand the IN-PREP system, its uses, advances and innovations and to generate meaningful discussion and feedback for those who will use IN-PREP – the crisis managers and civil protection personnel who tackle emergencies and disasters on a daily basis.

You can find out more about civil protection exercises in the European Union here.


What is the scenario?

For the 1st TTX, the scenario realized will be a road traffic accident which involves a truck carrying hazardous chemical material. The accident results in cracks to the truck’s tank causing a HazMat leak in the Spoleto area. While there is no confirmation the leak is toxic a national level response is sought between multiple civil protection agencies including fire brigades, police services, municipality C2 and local health actors. The TTX is based on an existing scenario for a nuclear power plant near Rome which foresees the use of a mobile lab to measure the level of radioactive contamination in an area and actions for the population including shelter-in-place and full-scale evacuations.

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TTX Logistics

Where is Spoleto?

Spoleto, in Italy’s Perugia province, is 125km north of Rome. Situated at the foothills of the Apennines, Spoleto is home to some amazing historical features including a Roman theatre, a 13th century aqueduct and the 14th century Rocca Albornoziana fortress overlooking the town and surrounding valleys.