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02 Oct: The Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM)

The legal foundations of cooperation in civil protection in Europe were established in 2001 (Council Decision 2001/792/EC, Euratom), recast in…

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10 Apr: Getting to grips with GRIP

Getting to grips with GRIP – Gecoördineerde Regionale Incidentbestrijding Procedure The first hours of a disaster response can be critical…

14 Jan: IN-PREP First TTX – What did we learn?

29th November 2018   Main goals of the first TTX The IN-PREP team realized the first table-top exercise – TTX1…

12 Nov: The evacuation process – from incident start to location of safety

When a natural or man-made disaster strikes it can have an adverse effect on people’s well-being, property and the environment….

17 Oct: Improved Disaster Preparedness Using (Big) Data Analytics

We are in the eye of the storm of rapidly evolving challenges, such as the refugee crisis, the climate change…

13 Sep: Crisis Managers’ recommendations for IN-PREP system development

  “When managers and designers have done their jobs well, their interfaces generate positive feelings of success, competence, and mastery…

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23 Aug: Would you want doctors, nurses, fire fighters, police officers, and pilots who were educated but not trained? (Blair&Serafini 2016)

In this blog Cian O’Brien from the Health Services Executive Ireland (HSE), points out the different concepts between education and…

01 Aug: IN-PREP third plenary and recki

At our third plenary (July 2018) we joined  Vigili del Fuoco on their recki in Spoleto, Italy, the site for…

22 Jun: Situating ‘situational awareness’

In Emergency Management ‘Situational Awareness’ cannot exist in isolation. It has a purpose. The three steps in Situational Awareness and…

18 May: Crisis Management – When the Strategic gets in the way of the Operational

The great majority of potential crises are mitigated by operational professionals. Fires, crime, floods, and storms: professionals are trained for…

20 Apr: What is C2?

C2 is a Command and Control communication system used in disaster contexts. When faced with a large crisis, civil protection…

16 Mar: Modeling Extreme Event Risk

Both natural catastrophes—earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods—and man-made disasters can jeopardize the financial well-being of an otherwise stable, profitable company….

23 Jan: urbanEXODUS simulates large scale evacuation scenarios for IN-PREP transboundary disaster training

The evacuation of people from an urban area is a highly complex and hazardous task. Consequently, when planning or managing…

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08 Dec: Tailoring solutions to meet ethical implications within EU projects

Tailoring solutions to meet ethical implications within EU projects The difference between pushing forward to find solutions and policing to…