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Would you want doctors, nurses, fire fighters, police officers, and pilots who were educated but not trained? (Blair&Serafini 2016)

In this blog Cian O’Brien from the Health Services Executive Ireland (HSE), points out the different concepts between education and training.

Training and Education

Education and training are often perceived as being the same thing. Although both training and education are linked to the same final goal they both play different roles in getting to that goal.


Basis for Comparison Training Education
Meaning The process of inculcating specific skills in a person is training Theoretical learning in the classroom or any institution is education
What is it? It is a method of skill development It is a typical form of learning
Based on Practical application Theoretical orientation
Perspective Narrow Wide
Involves Job experience Classroom learning
Term Short term Comparatively long term
Prepares for Present job Future job
Objective To improve performance and productivity To develop a sense of reasoning and judgement
Teaches Specific task General concepts

(source: Surbhi, 2015)



The meaning of education is learning through theory in an institution. Education is the typical form of learning which is carried out through schools and colleges. It is based on theoretical orientation rather than practical implementation. Education covers a wide range of detail giving those being educated a large scope on a topic or situation. It involves mainly classroom learning and is generally a long-term process. The reason for education is to prepare individuals who are being educated for a future role that will involve the content being thought. Education has a goal and objective of creating a sense of reasoning and judgement in the individuals being educated. General concepts are mostly what is thought during the education process.


The meaning of training is to engrain selected skills into an individual to give them the know how to fulfill a task or number of tasks. Training is a skill developing method and is based on practical application. Its perspective is narrow as it is important to focus on less to fulfill a practical use to the degree necessary to complete a task. Training is a short-term process and prepares individuals for a present job or role. The main objective of training is to improve performance and productivity and it teaches individuals a specific task to reach an objective.

The IN-PREP Training System

IN-PREP is creating a training system that will enable response agencies to train, plan and collaborate together, so that responders will be better prepared for transboundary crises and more lives may be saved during disaster events. Evidence shows a lack of training capabilities to prepare different agencies across countries to work together during crises. There are also insufficient links between agencies during transboundary crises which delay response.

To fill these gaps, IN-PREP is creating an end-to-end crisis management training system that includes:

  • The Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform (MRPP) – a novel IT tool capable of exchanging data with different operational systems
  • Training modules – to facilitate joint training sessions and tailored to different types of civil protection agencies
  • A Crisis Management handbook – to enable agencies to implement the MRPP, including recommendations on organisational & legal issues, and human factors in the command & control room

Civil protection agencies are strongly represented in the project and their insights will shape the IN-PREP system to improve collaborative response planning.


Cian is the Emergency Management Officer for the Health Service Executive South (Cork and Kerry region) and works in collaboration with all the divisions within the health service (acute hospitals, community healthcare, ambulance service, public health, ICT, estates, and logistics) to enhance the services emergency preparedness.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) is the national organisation that manages the delivery of all public health services in the Republic of Ireland. It has a dedicated Emergency Management structure on both national and regional levels. The HSE works on an interagency level with all services to ensure Emergency plans are developed, updated and tested. Watch the HSE (IAEMO) video on Framework for Emergency Management .

Within IN-PREP, HSE Ireland participate in 4 work packages, beginning with end-user recruitment, collection of end-user data and editing the IN-PREP Crisis Management Handbook. Furthermore they will support the Police Service of Northern Ireland in the terrorist attack demonstration while contributing to the adaptation of their C2 security system. HSE have previously been involved in related EU projects such as S-HELP, SECTOR & PULSE .

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