2nd FSX – GENOVA and Savona, Italy

IN-PREP Project will hold its 2nd full-scale exercise (FSX) in Genova and Savona, Italy on 28 October 2020. This will be the penultimate full-scale exercise of the IN-PREP Project and will be carried out remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

An FSX is an integrated, collaborative exercise which involves stakeholders within disaster management responding to a simulated crisis under the guidance of experienced staff. The actors in the FSX, both tactical and strategic, respond to the complex, simulated crisis using the functionalities of the IN-PREP tools. The FSX is designed to put crisis managers into a situation to develop or test existing plans and procedures and to take decisions according to the scenario. A workshop will take place following the FSX to discuss and evaluate the exercise outcomes. IN-PREP have carried out three previous successful TTXs in Italy and the Netherlands and one FSX in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2nd FSX will be conducted as a uniquely remote exercise, combining both real and simulated actors responding to a crisis scenario in real-time.

The scenario for the 2nd FSX is based on a number of converging, multi-hazard incidents in the Italian region of Liguria, impacting mainly on Genova and Savona. The scenario is of a motorway incident and its resulting cascading effects including damage to critical transport infrastructure and potential hazmat exposure, complicated further by severe weather conditions in neighbouring regions and States which limit the availability of international assistance.

During the FSX, multi-agency collaborative response planning at a strategic and tactical level in a national and transboundary context is sought between civil protection agencies. The scenario will require participants of the FSX to work collaboratively to respond to the evolving situation using IN-PREP’s Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform (MRPP). The MRPP facilitates interagency and cross border communications to promote effective decision-making and efficient resource management in a crisis scenario where time is crucial to ensure minimal risk to life and property. The 2nd FSX is an opportunity for civil protection practitioners to test their response plans, collaborate with other agencies and train using the latest technologies in crisis management.

Guided on one side by feedback from practitioners and on the other side by tools brought by technology partners IN-PREP will create a Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform; a novel IT-based tool for response planning and scenario building to integrate Command and Control and Information systems, Situational Awareness modules, and a Decision Support mechanism. In addition, IN-PREP will create a Cross-organisational Handbook of Transboundary Preparedness and Response Operations. The principal aim for both outputs is improving preparedness with realistic training in representative scenarios of disasters and causes of crises. This will upgrade coordination of response actions and support the work of those with this responsibility.

The present Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the focus of the exercise which will demonstrate that notwithstanding current difficulties, it is still possible to increase the preparation of stakeholders for other emergency scenarios, which will still occur despite the present circumstances.

IN-PREP’s success depends heavily on active engagement of the civil protection community! Therefore, if you are interested in joining the FSX as a participant or observer please register your interest in the above link. If you have any questions you can contact us: Marcello Marzoli marcello.marzoli@vigilfuoco.it and Evangelos Sdongos, evangelos.sdongos@iccs.gr.

Date: 28 October 2020 (Registrations close 27 October 2020)

To register your participation please visit here.

Please Note
After your registration is processed, the exercise planning team of IN-PREP will contact you with information on logistics and participation details for the day of the exercise.

IN-PREP  2nd FSX Invitation