Municipality of Rhodes – Dimos Rodou

Organisation type: Public Agency
Rhodes, Greece

Municipality of Rhodes Logo

Who they are

The Municipality in Rhodes is tightly connected to its population of 116,000 on Island of Rhodes in Greece. They are actively engaged in the HABITAT Agenda, Local Agenda 21 and are also a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors 2010. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage site which population doubles in the summer months increasing its vulnerability when forest fires occur. Its landmass is dominated by forest cover that is at risk from forest fires such as  the fire of 2008 which placed the island in a state of emergency.


How they are organised

They are a municipal council. The Planning and Development Department supports the planning and coordination of the agencies engaged in disaster management.

What they do – what is their expertise?

They work closely with the fire brigade, medical and law enforcement agencies and share resources and assets.


Role in the project

RHO will participate in 4 work packages actively contributing to supporting end user recruitment process, supporting the collection of end user needs, editing the cross Organisational Handbook. They also contribute to the adaptation of their C2 focusing on a large forest fire. The demonstration of the large forest fire during the refugee crisis will be lead by them. During the simulation they will collaborate with the team from SAMU Paris on the triage for the all the affected population including people in the refugee camps.