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Trilateral Research Ltd (TRI)

Organisation type: SME
London, United Kingdom

Trilateral Research Logo

Who they are

Trilateral Research Ltd are a full research and technology development consultancy with a strong foundation in crisis and disaster management. They have completed many projects in partnership with organisations such as the EU, UNCHR, OECD, ICRC and the Global Disaster Preparedness Center. Trilateral have a multidisciplinary team who collaborate across social science and technology, to bring insights from each to capture the benefits of data-driven innovation. They provide a diverse set of consulting services within innovation management and technology development. They take a collaborative approach to projects and have an extensive publication record in peer-reviewed journals. Trilateral is dedicated to providing end users with insightful lessons learnt and transferring results into real measures for future interventions.


How they are organised

TRI employs 28 staff and 70% of their research team are postdoctoral researchers.


Their expertise

Trilateral’s expertise in crisis and disaster work is complemented by the methodologies used in other related research areas including data science, privacy and data protection and environmental sustainability. They have extensive experience providing bespoke advice for different technologies, programmes and systems with respect to policy, regulatory, legal and ethical issues and undertaking privacy, social and ethical impact assessments.


Role in the project

Trilateral will lead on the ethical, legal and social requirements and definition of the IN-PREP system, the end user needs and editing of the Crisis Management Handbook. They will leverage their positioning as experts in the crisis domain research field to ensure a wide impact for the IN-PREP project.

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