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AIRBUS Defence and Space (ADS)

Organisation type: Industry
Les Mureaux, France

Airbus D&S Logo

Who they are

AIRBUS Defence and Space (ADS) is an industrial company based in France, that act as the system house within AIRBUS and design large integrated systems for customers including airborne systems and communication systems. They have participated as coordinator for several research projects including MARIUS (PASR 2005) and AEROBI (ICT2015). Furthermore, they have taken the role of Integrator in PERSEUS, SEABILLA and presently MARISA (Security).


How they are organised

AIRBUS Defence and Space has 38,600 employees around the world, with more than 86 nationalities. They have considerable presence in the UK, France, Spain and Germany. The point of contact for IN-PREP is Phillipe Chrobocinski who is key account manager of R&T for integrated systems within ADS with over 20 years of experience in system design, development and integration.


Their expertise

The systems that ADS designs, integrate products and systems from AIRBUS and from associated partners, including numerous SMEs. ADS brings its knowledge of large integrated systems, the airborne platforms and RPAS security market as well as technical expertise in C2 systems to IN-PREP. The team also have extensive expertise on commercialising technology solutions and exploiting their large customer portfolio which spans many types of public agencies.


Role in the project

ADS will lead the work package on system architecture for IN-PREP, providing a C2 to be integrated with information and systems from participating disaster management operation organisations. They will also provide and adapt their own planning products for actions including transport and logistics operations. ADS will be considerably involved with the adaptation and integration of these products and systems within the training platform. The company will also drive the work package on exploitation.

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