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Organisation type: SME
Athina, Greece

Who they are

EXUS is an enterprise software company specialising in digital services, innovation management and credit risk management. It was founded in 1992, with a vision to simplify enterprise software. The company were awarded the EFQM “Recognised Excellence” award and included among the 20 best places to work in Greece. Their project managers are certified by the Project Management Institute and they are the Gold Microsoft and Oracle Partner for development and Integration works. EXUS is an ISO: 9001 company and have spurred advances in key sectors in security, health, creativity and lifelong learning.


How they are organised

EXUS is a multidisciplinary team of engineers, data scientists and innovation management experts that excel in driving innovation in software engineering and data analytics. There are 130+ people within their technical divisions led by expert project managers and senior consultants. They come from a wide variety of research backgrounds such as algorithms, architecture, data management, privacy and security, user interfaces and visualisation.


Their expertise

EXUS has a strong culture and practice of Innovation and Innovation management. They have built a reputation in the application of cutting-edge technology in the civil security, health and creativity and learning domains. Their experience includes a proven track record in strategically steering numerous European research projects in the field of ICT, Transport, AAL, Health and Security. They continually use their expertise to collaborate, prototype, conduct industry workshops in the Open Innovation process to develop products for market uptake.


Role in the project

EXUS will lead the development of the Decision Support System and the workflow engine. They will be actively involved in all the technical work packages from system design to integration. In addition as Quality Manager for the project they will ensure that IN-PREP delivers project outputs to the highest standards and quality. Their knowledge on commercialisation will contribute substantially to the development of the IN-PREP tools for the market.

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