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SATWAYS Ltd – Proionta kai Ypiresis Tilematikis Diktyakon kai Tilepikinoniakon Efarmogon Etaireia Periorismenis Efthinis EPE (STWS)

Organisation type: SME
Halándri, Greece

Who they are

Founded in 2006, SATWAYS (STWS) develops Integrated Geospatial Command and Control solutions for Security and Public Safety applications for civil protection agencies, critical public infrastructure protection, transportation security and border monitoring. Their core technology is built on open standards. They offer a range of mission-critical enterprise solutions empowering governments and businesses around the world to make better and faster operational decisions.  Their solutions simplify operations, provide a Common Operational Picture (COP) and collaboration tools across organisations that collect and disseminate data in the field and coordinate response units and system users.

In 2018 they were awarded the gold medal at the Business Excellence Awards for their national project on digital service for notification and response on fires.


How they are organised

Their innovation in research & development is strongly linked to their road map for product development reinforcing competitive advantage in their sector. SATWAYS promotes its products through strategic partnerships in the industry.


Their expertise

SATWAYS products are used in 24X7 operational environments of large-scale security system projects such as C4I systems of Qatar, Greece, the Hellenic Fire Brigade (ENGAGE™) and the Forest Fire Management System of the Messina Region. They developed seismic and acoustic sensors based real-time acquisition and analysis systems contributing to structural health monitoring and rapid damage assessment, vibration monitoring and detection, and classification and tracking of vessels at sea. Their portfolio includes many EU funded research projects such as PERSEUS, H2020 MARISA, H2020 INSPECT, H2020-EU-CIRCLE, PEARL, PREFER, IDIRA, IMPRESS, GSRT-ACRITAS and GSRT- EMPHASYS.


Role in the project

SATWAYS is the Technical Coordinator of IN-PREP, responsible for coordinating and implementing all project-wide technical matters, ensuring technical decisions are in line with IN-PREP objectives. They participate in all technical work packages with a special focus on DSS and C2 tools. Furthermore, they will oversee the integration of the components within the Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform.

Other partners