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Crisisplan BV

Organisation type: Research & Technology Organisation
Frambozenweg, Netherlands

Crisis Plan Logo

Who they are

Crisisplan B.V. is an independent consultancy firm founded in 2001, focusing on crisis management. It provides crisis management training, simulations and educational courses, in both public and private sectors, using practical experience tied with academic perspectives.


How they are organised

The 12-person team at Crisisplan B.V. is led by co-founder and director Werner Overdjik. They have been involved with many projects co-funded by the European Union including ANVIL and TransCrisis.


Their expertise

Crisisplan B.V. works in a consulting capacity for crisis management and has extensive experience as an end-user partner and manager from their work on several FP7 projects, including INDIGO, e-SPONDER and VASCO. The team also has considerable experience in organising field tests and pilot demonstrations for both European and national projects.


Role in the project

Crisisplan B.V. is work package (WP2) leader for collating and reviewing end-user requirements and co-manage end-user participation.  They will collaborate with consortium partners to plan, organise and validate IN-PREP system releases and final demonstrations.

Other partners