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In-Prep Project Partners

Effective disaster response and preparedness relies on making sense of the situation in a rapidly changing scenario and responding with accuracy and speed. Research has shown us there is a lack of sufficient links between agencies during crises. They want to respond immediately. However receiving clear information on available resources impacts their response. There are barriers between organisations in terms of interoperability, organisation cultures and shared tools.

…research has shown us there is a lack of sufficient links between agencies during crises

Interoperability of technologies – when technologies are different in and between organisations it affects the exchange and flow of information between emergency agencies. Communication can slow down wasting precious seconds in rescue operations. IN-PREP will create a tool called the Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform to facilitate interoperability, merge decision support mechanisms with ‘at-a-glance’ visualisation and integrate situational awareness with real time information.

Organisational cultures – organisation and management of emergency agencies can vary from one country to another or between two different agencies in the same country. One agency may have a hierarchical structure while another may be more horizontal.  IN-PREP will provide training to standardise operations in transboundary situations and build capacity within organisations.