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From 10-12 June 2019, IN-PREP were in attendance at NEEDS 2019: The 4th Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies in Uppsala, Sweden.

IN-PREP was represented by Fraunhofer’s Claudia Berchtold and Philip Sendrowski who hosted a panel discussion titled ”Overcoming challenges in inter-organisational disaster response.”

The panel discussed the broad range of technologies addressing inter-organisational collaboration challenges in disaster response which have been developed in recent years, for example under European and national funding lines while addressing how inter-organisational collaboration remains one of the main challenges in crisis management, and the role technology can play in facilitating this collaboration.

The discussion elaborated on the interplay between the development of technologies and organisational challenges in responding to crises. How, for example, technologies can help to overcome organisational challenges and the limits of technological progress. It further addressed the need for organisational development and technological support to be aligned in order to contribute to successful crisis management.