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IN-PREP User Advisory Board (UAB)


The IN-PREP system will enhance collaboration between first responders, crisis managers and civil protection agencies through the development of a novel IT training platform, the Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform (MRPP).

In order to strengthen coordination between the various agencies in this sector, both professional and volunteer, IN-PREP has established a User Advisory Board (UAB) comprised of stakeholders from a wide range of countries and organisations and ensuring a balance in gender and expertise.

The purpose of the UAB is to maximise user influence on the development of IN-PREP’s technology at all levels. To ensure this engagement, the UAB is populated with individuals who are deeply involved in the sectors relevant to the development of the IN-PREP system.

The responsibilities of the User Advisory Board (UAB) are:

  • Oversight of the technical specifications and scope of the IN-PREP system
  • User assessment and feedback further to TTXs and Demos
  • Feedback on the final iteration of the IN-PREP system
  • Offering operational experience and expertise
  • Sharing information on current practices in the area of emergency response

Membership of the UAB spans the range of potential IN-PREP end-users. The UAB is regularly updated on the progress of the IN-PREP project and its recommendations on the development of the IN-PREP system are continuously sought. In addition, UAB members contribute to the project through participation in meetings and workshops and through familiarisation activities with IN-PREP’s tools.

Throughout the course of the project, the UAB will be responsible for evaluating IN-PREP outcomes from both a policy and technological viewpoint. This recognises the importance for the development of the IN-PREP system to be informed by the knowledge, experience and expertise of those who work and volunteer in crisis management, civil protection and emergency response agencies.

If you are interested in joining IN-PREP’s User Advisory Board (UAB) or would like more information please contact