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IN-PREP’s 2nd TTX in Savona, Italy


From 17-19 June 2019, IN-PREP partners met in Savona, Italy for the 2nd TTX (Table Top Exercise), 1st Integration Meeting and 4th Plenary of the IN-PREP Project.

Day One marked the 2nd TTX for IN-PREP, where volunteers from the local fire service, coastguard and civil defence/civil protection, in addition to the Red Cross, Municipality of Savona and local health and emergency services used the Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform to respond to a land/sea emergency scenario. The purpose of this exercise was collaborative response training and participants used the MRPP to plan a response to the simulated crisis as it evolved in real-time, encouraging inter-agency cooperation and efficient resource management.

Day Two served as the 1st Integration Meeting between both IN-PREP’s technical and end-user partners. The results of the 2nd TTX were evaluated in addition to plans for future TTX and Demonstrations, of which the next will take place in The Netherlands in October 2019. A showcase of the current status of the IN-PREP tools was also presented to partners.

Day Three marked the 4th Plenary Meeting of IN-PREP, where partners discussed the status of the project and ICCS provided a demonstration of the Triage device which is in the process of being developed and which contributes further to IN-PREP’s goals of a more efficient and effective disaster management response.

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