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Calling CivPro practitioners + first responders! The IN-PREP system depends on your input – 2018 End user Workshop Berlin

Dear CivPro end user,

We are happy to invite you to our 2nd End-User Workshop in Berlin.

Date: 21-22 February 2018

Time: Lunch to lunch (21.02.2018 12:30 – 22.02.2018 13:30)

IN-PREP’s success depends heavily on active engagement with practitioners like you! Therefore if you are interested in joining us or have any questions please  register or contact us: Sonja Grigoleit, and Evangelos Sdongos,

The 3-year IN-PREP project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, will build a system that can better prepare civil protection practitioners (fire brigades, emergency medical services, police and civil protection agencies) at all levels of command, in responding collaboratively to urgent natural and manmade Transboundary Crises.

We would like to learn from your experience and listen to your ideas and expectations regarding the future IN-PREP Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform. Our aim is to validate the user requirements identified during our first End-User Workshop in Leiden in November 2017 and also further expand these user requirements based on the actual needs of the practitioners.

We’ll be happy to demonstrate our system’s components and engage with you in a constructive cross-discipline dialogue towards shaping a preparedness platform (i.e. a training tool) that facilitates transboundary collaboration and shared views of assets and resources.

Our IN-PREP platform will be based on the privacy by design approach, so we are also looking forward to discussing ethical and privacy issues regarding our systems design with you.

We will apply the World Café methodology which is based on conversation, dialogue and discussion. It is a creative process for facilitating collaborative dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and ideas.


Guided on the one side by feedback from practitioners and on the other side by tools brought by technology partners IN-PREP will create a Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform; a novel IT-based tool for response planning and scenario building to integrate Command and Control and Information systems, Situational Awareness modules, and a Decision Support mechanism. In addition, IN-PREP will create a Cross-organisational Handbook of Transboundary Preparedness and Response Operations. The principal aim for both outputs is improving preparedness with realistic training in representative scenarios of disasters and causes of crises. This will upgrade coordination of response actions and support the work of those with this responsibility.

We hope to hear back from you regarding your availability by Monday, 29th of January.

Kind regards,

Angelos Amditis, IN-PREP Project Coordinator