2nd FSX – Savona, Italy

IN-PREP Project will hold its 2nd full-scale exercise (FSX) in Savona, Italy on 12 March 2020. This will be the penultimate full-scale exercise of the IN-PREP Project.

The FSX is a large-scale exercise whose purpose it is to demonstrate the IN-PREP tools in a realistic training environment. This FSX will gather participants from across Europe who are experts in the fields of civil protection, emergency services and crisis management. Participants of the FSX will be tasked with responding to a simulated crisis in real-time using the newly-developed, cutting edge IN-PREP Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform (MRPP).

In the 2nd FSX, the scenario, evolved in the city of Savona, Vado Ligure and Quiliano, is based on natural and manmade asymmetric threats resulting to transport (rail and road) critical infrastructure  accidents and a series of SEVESO related hazards. This complex scenario will require participants to use IN-PREP’s MRPP technology to coordinate the response by comprehending the dynamics of the threats and evacuating victims to a safe area and through the provision of emergency medical care.

This high-pressure training environment will test participants to work on both a cross-border and inter-agency basis in responding to the needs of victims and in limiting the risk to life and property. IN-PREP’s MRPP tool will form the basis of this response, allowing participants to visualise the crisis in real-time and to allocate resources according to need.

This demonstration will encompass both a table-top element and a large field exercise in order to fully test the ability of IN-PREP’s tools to allow first responders to plan, train and collaborate together in the event of a crisis.

Following the exercise, a debrief will take place where participants and observers can provide feedback on both the IN-PREP tools and the planning of the exercise itself. This feedback will assist in the further development of the IN-PREP Project as it enters its final months and in the planning of the final FSX in May 2020.

IN-PREP’s success depends heavily on active engagement of the civil protection community! If you have any questions about the FSX you can contact us: Marcello Marzoli marcello.marzoli@vigilfuoco.it and Evangelos Sdongos, evangelos.sdongos@iccs.gr.


Registration is now closed. Thank you for your interest in the event.