IN-PREP exhibit at Security Research Event SRE2018

Security Research Event 2018                                        5th – 6th December  Brussels, Belgium

SRE 2018 “Making Europe a safer place: demonstrating the impact of EU-funded security research”consisted of two interrelated parts: a conference and an exhibition showcasing the results of 56 projects and thus providing concrete examples of the conference theme.

(l-r) Ivonne Herrera SINTEF and Philip Sendrowski IN-PREP; Jiri Chalupa NATO Training with George Baroutas IN-PREP; Luca Leonardi  EU H2020  NO-FEAR and George Baroutas IN-PREP

SRE 2018 hosted 800 participants representing a wide range of security stakeholders: researchers, industry representatives, public security providers and practitioners (crisis managers, first responders and civil protection agencies, as well as a large number of policymakers from across Europe.

(l-r) Marcello Marzoli IN-PREP with Professor Mauro Soldati University of Modena; Claudio Rossi EU H2020 I-REACT showing the I-REACT app to Johanna Varghese IN-PREP

We exhibited  our IN-PREP products and services to interested community of users. 11 individuals showed an interest to be recruited for our User Advisory Board and interest was received from both high level defence organisations and academia for the training platform.
A joint workshop has been organised between EU projects BeAWARE, I-React and IN-PREP for the ISCRAM 2019 conference in May 2019. IN-PREP will also be participating in the 13th Community of Users in March 25 -29 in Brussels.

Text and Images Johanna Varghese of CARR Communications