IN-PREP 3rd Plenary + Recki 18 -19 July 2018 Rome & Spoleto

On the 19th of July the mayor of Spoleto welcomed us in anticipation of the 1st TTX for disaster preparedness in the historic town. The  the IN-PREP team clarified what the project was about and elaborated  on the specific aspects of  evacuation simulation and expected capabilities of the MRPP.

The day before, our plenary was hosted by Italian Ministry of Interior Dipartimento dei Vigili del Fuoco (CNVVF), and we were welcomed by Stefano Marsella the director of the National Fire Academy. It was an intense day with absolutely relevant conversations between the end users and tech team convened by the strong guidance of our project manager Evangelos Sdongos of ICCS.

Our tech team  made up of Airbus, Diginext, DLR, SATWAYS Ltd, ICCS, AIR, UoG-FSEG and IESC continue to meet every week to collaborate with FhG and Crisisplan on the MRPP – they have their work cut out for the next 15 weeks! Please click this link to read more.

watch our video on Preparedness

and Key Gaps in Crisis Management