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Inter-organisational aspects of involving citizens.

For true holistic response, all actors need to be considered and this also encompasses the private sector and citizens.

  • Involving volunteers (digital and physical)
  • Private sector interaction
  • Awareness raising
  • Public warnings

Involving volunteers

In general, volunteering can take shape in offering physical help or assisting through digital means, including the provision of volunteered geographical information (VGI). Volunteering here can be either formalized and connected to existing response groups (e.g. Standby Task Force[1]) or informal and spontaneous.

There is a new unit @ FEMA on crowd-sourcing

What is the role in inter-organisational disaster response?


Private sector interaction

The DARWIN project developed guidelines for the design of cross-organisational resilience, helping a private or public company, an authority or government agency either at international, national or local level to develop their own resilience guideline

Tips and tricks for involving the private sector

Awareness raising

One example of crisis related e-learning is the ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) Awareness e-Learning course:

Public warnings

How to engage with IN-PREP solutions

input needed from solution providers